7 Reasons Why You Should Lose Fat NOW!

1) You will become more attractive.

I don’t have to spend much time explaining this one. People are attracted to those in shape.

2)You will become healthier

Being overweight puts you at greater risk for almost any disease. Drop the fork and lose the fat.

3) Your Joints will hurt less

Suffering from low back pain? Knee pain? If you are overweight the excess body weight puts much more sheer force on your joints. Try walking around with a piano on your back, it won’t feel good.

4) Sex will be better and more plentiful

Again, I don’t need to explain this one.

5) Pushups and Pullups will be easier

If you lose fat, its less weight you have to push and pull. Carrying around extra fat is just like wearing a heavy backpack, it makes everything harder.


6)You will get more respect

People respect those who take control of their destiny and lose a lot of fat. Eating less and exercising more are not things that many people do.


7) More likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

Those in shape will look less tasty, and your ability to jump, run, duck and swim away from zombies will be greatly enhanced.


Galen is a trainer at Phenomenal Fitness. You can contact him at galen@phenomenalfitness.com