Is Your Carb Addiction Killing Your Fat Loss?

Our media and society heavily pushes starches and carbohydrates as an important part of our diet. Albeit not completely false, many take carb consumption to the extreme in relation to their activity levels.
Carbohydrates are necessary in order to perform high bouts of intense physical activity, they are not necessary to fuel your body sitting at a desk. I am not advocating an atkins, or low carb diet approach, but rather a LOWER carb diet approach.
One of the pitfalls of sugar and other starches is that it elicits a quick rise in blood sugar, followed by a quick fall in blood sugar. This rollercoaster sends you on a ride of being alert to being tired and hungry.
When we are hungry what do we do? Eat more. This cycle can lend itself quickly to overeating, and ultimately killing your fat loss.
Phenomenal Fitness is offering an excellent opportunity to those who are either in a fat loss plateau, or want to maximize their dieting efforts.


  • Lessens your dependence on carbohydrate addiction
  • Simple and convenient, takes the guesswork out of eating
  • Low glycemic formulas, helps control hunger
  • Quick results, avg wt. lost is 5 lbs in 5 days

In fact we are so confident that this system works  we are offering a FLAT SCREEN TV, an IPOD TOUCH and 10 SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS, to 3 lucky participants who lose the most weight over a 5 week period.