Nutrition Myth #2 (You Have to Eat Breakfast)

This second myth originated by poorly interpreting a study, as is often done. The study examined peoples eating habits and then associating them with over all body composition. This is a classic case of correlation vs. causation. Researchers found that those who skipped breakfast were more likely to be obese (correlation.) However, it was found that those who skipped breakfast had poor eating habits (causation).

The myth had been born. For those who are used to eating breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Skipping breakfast is a very difficult thing to do as your body becomes dependent on exogenous glucose in order for blood sugar to be stable. However, your body is very good at regulating blood sugar once you can use fat as an energy source.

When your body goes through a brief period of fasting 12-16 hours, there is a larger increase in metabolism due to an increase of adrenaline hormones, as well as growth hormone (a powerful hormone responsible for mobilizing fat), and feelings of alertness, and attentiveness are attained.

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