Phenomenal Fitness is not a gym, it is personal training business. It can handle goals from as modest as avoiding middle-age decay to as big as body-building. Most of the clients are looking to be fit (my category) and does that very well. The owner most-often on site, Sean Armstead, will do just about anything to make a customer happy. While phenomenal fitness provides diet advice, I don’t avail myself of it, so I can’t tell you about it. But I see a number of the other customers appreciating the support they receive for their diets. This is not a facility that tries to have every piece of equipment, but rather looks to have equipment that permits training for all needed body movements. Customers are pretty free to do their homework at the facility. Obviously, if you are not being trained right then, you have to move if a paying customer needs something. But the treadmills don’t get full, and there are plenty of free weights, bands and the like. They have had a good discount if you buy a bunch of sessions at once. Personally, I buy mine 52 at a time, which ought to tell you a lot about what I think.