I have been working out at phenomenal fitness for 6 months now, and I don’t think I would ever go anywhere else.  I live near O’Hare, and the travel time is significant, but I don’t care because its always a blast every time I go.  Sean is my trainer(and the owner), and I have never met anyone like him.  He is supportive and knows his stuff.  The workouts are never the same, and in an hour you don’t even realize you have done a full body workout. Don’t get me wrong, the workouts are intense, and I work hard every time.  The minute you meet him you realize that his main goal is to get you healthy, and that’s mind, body, and soul.  
The gym is defiantly unique. I use kettle bells, heavy bag,  a sledge hammer, sleds, tires and very rarely free weights in my workouts.  Its clean, and the staff is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.  Everyone is friendly and greets you with a smile when u walk in the door.  Everyone  greets me  by  my name and I feel like I have known them for years.  It is diverse, and being a bigger girl I have never been  intimidated by anyone there.
Personally I am on a goal to loose over a 100 lbs and I have lost 40 in 6 months.  With Sean’s knowledge and help I succeed everyday  and have a support system that is amazing.  Try it out! You wont be dissappointed!  
Phenonmenal fitness is truly awesome!