I’ve been working with Zak now for just over a year.  Prior that that, I had been lifting on my own for 2 years.  I had gotten pretty far on my own but had developed bad habits with worse form.

Zak has helped me clean up my form and as such my lifting has increased more in a year than it has in 2 on my own.

He is always reachable by text and will always answer your questions.  He’s provided input for my other work out days when I do not see him, and finally, he’s referred me to a nutritionist to help me get to my lean goals.

The other trainers are as friendly, and Sean gets to know everybody at his gym, whether you train with him or not.

The gym is pretty small and can get crowded in the mornings.  Do not expect to work out there on your own since the trainers and their clients have priority.

Otherwise, highly recommended.