A friend (DC Madhatter) introduced me to Phenomenal Fitness two years ago. At first I didn’t appreciate all the benefits. Goofing off and not doing what was told for success, I thought “I can do this at home.” Wrong!
Yes, I went back to Phenomenal Fitness recently.
This is an appreciation note of thanks for all that is and was done for ME. I’ve lost weight and promised to continue the process..
If I were to construct a commercial about my experiences at Phenomenal Fitness this is where I would start:
I walked into Phenomenal Fitness to get fit. I was given Linda as my trainer.  She gives me a workout twice a week and is worth the effort we both bring to the sessions.  My eating habits, weight training and cardio was integrated into a program I can live with. Linda is fair, empathic and wants ME to win.  There are many trainers at Phenomenal Fitness but I want to laud Linda. Because she’s mine.
This is my slogan for your company.
“Big enough to serve your goals, yet personal where it counts”
Thanks Phenomenal Fitness,