I started working out at Phenomenal Fitness a little over 3 years ago, to get rid of 3 year old “baby weight.”  I am not a person who has ever enjoyed sports, considered myself athletic, or liked working out.  But through the nurturing and knowledgeable training expertise of co-owner and fitness expert Sean Armstead, I have lost approximately 35 pounds and at age 40 I am smaller and, most importantly stronger and more physically fit than I have ever been in my life.  It has truly been a transformational experience.  I have also had the opportunity to train with other trainers at PF and have found them all to be top-notch professionals.

Sean and his wife (and co-owner) Maria, have created a workout environment that is encouraging, positive and cordial.  I would highly recommend Phenemonal Fitness to anyone who is serious about getting stronger, realizing change and experiecing transformation.