Tis the Season (To Be Intent)

It’s no secret that Chicago winters can be grueling and can sap you of any resolve.  Forecasters have predicted one of the worst winters in decades.  It’s going to be cold and the wind will whip right through any and all layers of clothing you’ll be wearing.  Just the thought of stepping outside can void you of any determination.


It’s time to flip your mental switch, not to off, but to on!  Here are some are a few tips to help you create a light at the end of the tunnel and come out of winter stronger and more determined than ever.


  • Create clear goals.  Write down a set of goals that you want to attain by March.  Having written goals will allow you constantly refer back to them in times of need and will keep you on a determined path. 
  • Avoid New Year’s resolutions.  New Year’s resolutions are gimmicks that people use to get them through until February.  Make life resolutions that you will be able to stick to and that will create positive change in your outlook and approach.  This could include changing your diet or mastering an exercise that you’ve always viewed as a challenge.
  • Switch from Surviving Mode to Thriving Mode.  It’s easy to view Chicago winter as a period of survival.  Look at it as your off-season and use it to gain an advantage for next season.  Steel yourself to become stronger, fitter, and more excited for next season.  Don’t just survive, but thrive!


Champions work harder in the off-season and look to gain any advantage in their training as they prepare for the up-coming season.  Losers make excuses.  Use this winter to unlock your inner Champion!


By Jon Kahney, MS, CSCS