My Code- The Guiding Principles of My Life

By Galen Lundin

Discovering these “truths” has helped me find a new paradigm to successfully bridge the mind-body issue. They’ve helped me. I hope they can help you.


My transition from personal trainer to trainer-coach has not been an easy one, often filled with doubt, uncertainty, and second guessing. For many years, I believed that “things just happened to me.”  I was a pinball tossed about by the turbulence of life, forced to deal with things the best I could.

Then, thanks to new experiences and insights, I learned I was wrong. In fact, I am an active creator in everything I think, say and do. If I don’t like the way things are, I can change the way I perceive them. It’s not “the things” that matter; it’s how I view them. 


When I’m in “Harmony,” I show up in the world with grace and integrity. Maintaining peace in chaos, perceiving things as they are and not how I want them to be, seeing the trivial and inconsequential for what they are, happens naturally.


As a personal trainer, I’ve gravitated towards physical prowess, but as I’ve gotten older, I realize that resilience – the ability to bend and not break – is what is key.


Having a clear vision of where I want to travel, what I want to experience has helped me stay true to my course. Vision is my “lighthouse,” illuminating the way in times of darkness.  


I have always been an observer. To some people, I may seem detached or uncaring. But what I’m really doing is LISTENING, with all my senses, to what’s going on. Not letting emotions override right words or right actions is a skill I’m constantly working on.


Yes, I’m a contrarian. I don’t see things like a lot of people do simply because it’s not MY REALITY. People may want definitive answers, but we don’t live in a definitive world. Almost everything is conditional. Don’t be afraid to speak your voice even if it’s contrary to what everyone else thinks.


I decided to branch out into the coaching world because I wanted to have a greater impact on my client’s lives. By sharing all that I’ve learned (and learning), I’m hoping to expand my reach and have a ripple effect on the world.


Space allows opportunity for change. If we’re stuck in a cage, whether a career cage or a lifestyle cage, how can we grow? We need space in our lives for stillness, reflection and inner dialogue, which in turn creates new awareness and new possibilities.


We are responsible for everything that happens in our lives. We are responsible for our decisions. Celebrate this fact. After all, responsibility is the ultimate form of empowerment.


When faced with a decision, many people believe they don’t have a choice. Hogwash. There are no musts/ have tos/ shoulds. Everything is a choice. What a powerful gift.

Living in alignment with the above principles has helped me find greater meaning in my life. Taking an active role in “re-creating” who I am, has helped me get clearer about how I can contribute to humankind. I know the possibilities are endless, not just for me but for all of us.

The answers for which you seek can be found by aligning yourself with your own truth.

“If you don’t go within… you go without.” – Neale Donald Walsch