What’s something that you LOVE to do–something that excites you, something that you want to share with others?

What is it that you VALUE MOST IN THE WORLD?

Values dictate what you think, say and do. What you value most always results in inspired action. When you value something, you don’t need motivation to take necessary action.

If you value traveling, you don’t need to be pushed to plan your next trip. If you value spending time with your children or grandchildren, you don’t dread seeing them. If you value shopping, you don’t need to be dragged to the mall by your friends.

For most people, the fitness goals or aspirations they set for themselves (losing 10 pounds, fitting back into some old jeans, looking good for an upcoming event) do NOT resonate with their highest values and therefore do not lead to inspiring action necessary to achieve those goals.

The reality is, the way most people relate to weight loss is OPPOSITE of their values, and that’s why it’s so difficult, frustrating and discouraging.

When you are not in alignment with your highest values, you will feel off, empty, maybe even go through an existential crisis looking for meaning.

When it comes to weight loss, living out of alignment with your values, typically makes you feel inferior or guilty. When you feel badly, you eat “bad” food to feel better, which afterwards, only makes you feel worse. You go through a phase of self-prosecution, negative self-talk and increased doubt. What helps? The rest of the pint of Ben and Jerry’s. And the cycle continues…

You see, at its root, it isn’t about nutrition. The thing is not the thing.

When you are acting in alignment with your truest self, you feel more centered and grounded and positive about life in general. When you feel good, you tend to eat “good” food and the positive cycle continues.

When you make the connection between your highest values and health/fitness, weight loss is faster, easier and much more enjoyable.

Stay due north.

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