Teryn-Client Success Story

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Teryn and I am your average adult female in her 30’s dealing with everyday life while balancing realistic health goals. I may not have your typical weight loss story but my hope is that it will resonate with and inspire many of you!

I met Galen 6 years ago and I cannot imagine my life without his guidance. When I started with Galen, I was an already physically fit person who ran, ate fairly healthy, and went to the gym regularly.  I wanted to have quality workouts to improve my overall health, build bone density and lean body mass.  I trained with Galen for almost a year and he helped me get into, what I considered to be, the best shape of my life.  I was 5’2 and weighed about 120lbs.  All was good and right in my world and then I was blessed with the gift of pregnancy!

Galen immediately adapted to my new physical needs.  Galen adjusted my workouts perfectly during my pregnancy, keeping my growing baby healthy and safe and keeping me strong. He truly helped me have an amazing pregnancy that I felt energized about–I was even able to workout right up to the day that I delivered!  Galen strengthened my core and kept me physically fit, which ultimately allowed me to have a fast labor, flawless delivery and quick recovery! 

However, having post baby weight was very difficult for me. My body had changed, I noticed loose skin, and things just didn’t go back to the way they were before.  I had only gained 18lbs during my pregnancy but couldn’t seem to lose the weight.  I had also developed hypothyroidism (i.e. Thyroid quits working) from my pregnancy, resulting in even more weight gain. 

Being a new mom, having a crying infant at home, lack of sleep…I thought I would die.  Forcing myself to workout with Galen was the best and worst part of my day.  I was so tired and would much rather sleep, but after dragging myself to the gym, I always felt better. It was also my time to step away, enjoy peace and quiet, and focus on me!  I struggled over the next 2 years.  I managed to stay active and felt strong, but couldn’t shed any of the extra weight I had put on.  So to recap, at this point I was 5’2 and now 130lbs. and I decide to have baby #2! 

Once again Galen was there for me!  He got me through another great but long pregnancy.  Made me super fit in order to have a second perfect labor, delivery, and recovery.  I gained about 23lbs with this pregnancy and was once again, stuck with all this left over weight.  I couldn’t understand how all these other women out there could gain 80+lbs with pregnancy and be back in a swimsuit a year later.  I struggled with my body and image, and it spilled over into my personal life.  I was unhappy and not comfortable in my own skin.  I avoided going out with my friends because none of my clothes fit. I was very self-conscious.  My weight was a constant issue, which consumed me.  I was now 140lbs and I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I tried all the typical fad diets, supplements, weight watchers, Atkins, paleo/clean eating with no consistent results.  I felt frustrated and defeated. I finally said to myself “what am I missing?”  I started to listen to Galen’s life coaching videos and talks and used that to really tap into my inner self.  I took everything that Galen had taught me over the past 6 years and put it to work.  

In January 2017, I made the cliché New Year’s resolution to finally get healthy, make lifestyle changes and lose some weight. 

I managed to make all the necessary changes and I did it all at the same time.  I stuck to a very strict clean, dairy free, low sodium diet.  I changed my social and work life style to coincide with my personal life and support my goals. I mentally got my head in the same place too.  I worked out consistently with Galen twice weekly, and did cardio on my off days.  I was finally “consistently consistent!” I lost that typical water weight of 5-7lbs over the first 4-6 weeks and felt so much better.  As I pushed on I hit a wall…nothing happened.  I couldn’t get the scale to move and I was stuck.  Once again Galen was there for me.  He said one very important word to me, among many others, which was “patience”.  I so badly wanted to give up, like all the other times, but I took his advice.  After 2-3 more painfully slow weeks, with no changes, the weight finally started to come off–I went from 140 to 114 lbs in 6 months. 

As the weight came off I felt great.  I continued to focus and stay true to my beliefs and goals.  I always remembered to be consistently consistent and patient!!  I felt amazing both mentally and physically.  I had finally made true lifestyle changes which have now benefited me so much more then just a lower number on the scale.   

Thank you Galen and everyone at Phenomenal Fitness for your support and being such an important part in this journey of mine! 

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