Choosing What You Want When Life Goes Sideways

What do you do when shit goes sideways? And it always goes sideways…eventually and usually suddenly. What kind of choices do you make when you’re in pain? Most people will do anything to stop it. Anything to escape. Anything to avoid the hard, discouraging struggle that can sometimes be life. That’s where food comes in. It temporarily ends the stress and distracts you and allows you to procrastinate and before you know it…

it’s 9PM and your “dinner” is a bag of chips and ice cream during a Netflix binge

the alarm “doesn’t go off” again and you haven’t seen the gym in weeks

you skip breakfast, eat fast food for lunch and can’t remember the last time you meal prepped

Despite the vision of how you want to look and the goals or resolutions about the way you want to feel, in the moment…

food is EXACTLY what you wanted.

sleep is EXACTLY what you wanted

watching TV or endlessly distracting yourself is EXACTLY what you wanted

And as a result you …

focus on your insecurities and inadequacies

feel as if your life is out of control and you can barely keep your head above water

become discouraged, frustrated and feel like a failure

But the truth is your life is PERFECTLY designed for the results you’re currently getting even if those results are not the ones you really want.

What if you could get different results? What if I told you there is a faster, easier and more enjoyable way to lose weight? All you need to do is suspend the belief that…

what you’re doing is the best way to lose weight

all you need is to be more motivated and disciplined

you never really had a “diet problem” to begin with

If you’re open to exploring another approach that will allow you to…

feel more comfortable in your own skin

fit back into the clothes you’ve been saving in the back of your closet

exude confidence when out with your friends

Then you’re invited to attend the “Get your Confidence Back” Seminar Hosted by Galen Lundin on March 3rd at 11am at Phenomenal Fitness.

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