By Vincenzo Barbaro, Phenomenal Personal Trainer/Licensed Massage Therapist


My favorite day of the week has always been Saturday. I would live for it. I would plan what I was going to do on that day and then what I was going to do that night. Even when I was a bartender, I would never work on Saturdays because that was my day. No matter how much work I had to do for either school or work, that was the day that was mine to unwind. Living for the weekend will really take a toll on your mental toughness and lessen your ability to get shit done though.

You see all the memes for Monday’s. For the majority, Monday’s are torturous. Many people coast through the week just to survive until the weekend. I hear people saying all the time that they’re going to get their life together someday. It appears that’s people’s favorite day of the week, “Someday”. This is the day that people start their fitness lifestyle and make better nutritional choices.

What if “Someday” transformed into today?

How would that feel? What would your someday feel like if it was today?

These are questions that I feel people should ask themselves when they say that they’re going to start “someday”. When you answer these questions with actions, you’ll be surprised as to what you are capable of. Procrastination with the thought of “someday” only stalls you in life.

Treat every day to be prepared for the next. Keeping a mindset that “if you’re not moving forward, then you’re just standing still” will not only leap you forward but also ease your mind. Don’t make your favorite day of the week “Someday” and don’t live for the weekend, but rather treat every day as a step forward towards your betterment.