About Phenomenal Fitness

Phenomenal Fitness Personal Training is focused on excellence regarding Physical Development with Education, Enhancement and Empowerment at the forefront of our client interactions.

Our Mission

To assist clients in feeling, moving and looking extraordinary by providing an outstanding 4-Pillar training process, in an exceptional environment with a “Triple Threat” team of trainers. 

Triple Threat type trainer means they “know the way”, “show the way” and “go the way”. Our approach to training is a composite of many years of studying physical, biological and movement sciences. Enormous financial and time commitments to continuing education is consistently experienced by our leadership team and staff. Additionally, huge respect and attention are paid to the psychological and emotional drivers that exist in the coach-athlete relationship and interactive dynamic.

We view the majority of folks that train at Phenomenal as athletes that are, or want to be active leaders in life. They are adults that need and want to Successfully Age and their physical development program and lifestyle variables must powerfully support that. The youth that we coach are focused on Development. Our way of communicating, nurturing, teaching, asking, listening, encouraging and holding accountable have endeared us to many youth and their parents.

Whether you are a leader of a family, community, high contributor to small business or mid-large company, what ever your sexual orientation you will get mad love and respect in this Phenomenal Joint.

You Bring the Dedication Determination and Discipline and we will provide the What Why How When and Where – our collaborative effort will lead to RESULTS!

Phenomenal Fitness Gym Dumbells
Phenomenal Fitness Gym Interior


Phenomenal 4-Pillars of Physical Development

All Phenomenal Fitness programs are designed around our identified 4 Pillars of health and wellness:

Structural Integrity

Building strength from the inside out by developing joint mobility and strengthening joint stability to facilitate movement, sustain longevity, and promote youthfulness.

Work Capacity

“Besting” your personal best by utilizing multi-joint movement combined with strategic rest to increase stamina and promote overall physical function.

Body Composition

Creating a healthier you by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Movement Skills

Move better to look better by engaging in enhanced muscle and joint activity (exercise) to promote balance, increase coordination, improve body awareness and develop strength.