Tis the Season (To Be Intent)

It’s no secret that Chicago winters can be grueling and can sap you of any resolve.  Forecasters have predicted one of the worst winters in decades.  It’s going to be cold and the wind will whip right through any and all layers of clothing you’ll be wearing.  Just the thought of stepping outside can void […]

What Motivates You?

What Motivates You? In an interview, I was asked the question, “What motivates you?”  I got a puzzled look from the interviewer when I responded, “I do”.  There are a lot of people and causes that extrinsically motivate me, but ultimately I am responsible for getting my butt off the couch.  Intrinsic (self) motivation is […]

Who Should Be Training Our Kids?

In a staff meeting at Phenomenal Fitness, Sean, the lead trainer, asked all the trainers if there are populations of clients that each of the trainers prefer not to work with.  Another trainer, Galen, raised his hand and answered that he doesn’t want to work with kids.  Following the meeting, I asked Galen to make […]