Teryn-Client Success Story

Hi Everyone,  My name is Teryn and I am your average adult female in her 30's dealing with everyday life while balancing realistic health goals. I may not have your typical weight loss story but my hope is that it will resonate with and inspire many of you! I met Galen 6 years ago and [...]

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Sharisse J

I started working out at Phenomenal Fitness a little over 3 years ago, to get rid of 3 year old "baby weight."  I am not a person who has ever enjoyed sports, considered myself athletic, or liked working out.  But through the nurturing and knowledgeable training expertise of co-owner and fitness expert Sean Armstead, I [...]

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Erik F

Phenomenal Fitness is not a gym, it is personal training business. It can handle goals from as modest as avoiding middle-age decay to as big as body-building. Most of the clients are looking to be fit (my category) and does that very well. The owner most-often on site, Sean Armstead, will do just about anything [...]

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Emma L

I've started personal training sessions with Sara who came highly recommended.  I've tried sessions everywhere with everybody over many years and this has been my best experience.  She is motivating, focused, and encouraging.  I'm not getting any bullsh@#t with her.  If your serious about getting in shape I encourage anyone to go here.  I like [...]

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Kristin M

I've been going to Phenomenal to work out for nearly two years now - I never thought I'd be one to get into the workout routine, but I did. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning it's like seeing family there. We all help and support each other even if we're with different trainers. I've never felt [...]

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Mark J

I have always been into working out and playing sports, but never worked out with a personal trainer until I went to Phenomenal Fitness. The facility is quite spacious and the staff is great and treats everyone respectfully. I was pretty skinny when I started and now have gained over 10lbs of muscle, over the [...]

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Ricky B

I've been going to Phenomenal for nearly a year now. I never worked out consistenly in a gym nor with a trainer so this was a new experience for me regarding working out. I've always been a runner and got my work out that way. After working out with Zak all these months, I've have [...]

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Paulette R

A friend (DC Madhatter) introduced me to Phenomenal Fitness two years ago. At first I didn't appreciate all the benefits. Goofing off and not doing what was told for success, I thought "I can do this at home." Wrong! Yes, I went back to Phenomenal Fitness recently. This is an appreciation note of thanks for [...]

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Jennifer T

I have been working out at phenomenal fitness for 6 months now, and I don't think I would ever go anywhere else.  I live near O'Hare, and the travel time is significant, but I don't care because its always a blast every time I go.  Sean is my trainer(and the owner), and I have never [...]

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Matt M

I've been working with Zak now for just over a year.  Prior that that, I had been lifting on my own for 2 years.  I had gotten pretty far on my own but had developed bad habits with worse form. Zak has helped me clean up my form and as such my lifting has increased [...]

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