Erik F

  Phenomenal Fitness is not a gym, it is personal training business. It can handle goals from as modest as avoiding middle-age decay to as big as body-building. Most of the clients are looking to be fit (my category) and does that very well. The owner most-often on site, Sean Armstead, will do just about [...]

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Eric P

I'm a bit torn about writing a review of Phenomenal Fitness.  On the one hand I want it to be super successful but on the other hand I don't want it to become a crowded gym like many of the chains throughout the city.  Phenomenal is not your conventional gym in a large space with [...]

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Esjaye Whiters

Personal Training) Phenomenal Fitness is just what the doctor ordered! Last year my doctor suggested that I start and maintain a regular physical fitness program. At 63 years of age, it has been about 30 years since I have engaged in any meaningful and sustained fitness training. Since I did not like the “big box” [...]

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Sharisse Jones

(Personal Training) I started working out at Phenomenal Fitness a little over 3 years ago, to get rid of 3 year old "baby weight." I am not a person who has ever enjoyed sports, considered myself athletic, or liked working out. But through the nurturing and knowledgeable training expertise of co-owner and fitness expert Sean [...]

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Karen Hale

Karen Hale My phenomenal journey with Phenomenal Fitness began in 2001. At that time, I realized that I did not like pictures of myself because I was fat. Until that time, I thought it was because I was not photogenic. However, after a candid conversation with my Mother, an honest review of pictures of me [...]

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