Frail and Brittle

 We are living in precarious times.  The fragility of our economy has placed many of us in a state of mental insecurity.  We are experiencing a cash and credit crunch that are unprecedented in this current generation’s lifetime.  It is not a coincidence that at the time when our economy is at its lowest point that Americans have [...]

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Stuck in a Weight Loss Plateau?

First off, fat loss is not always a liner progress. Meaning if your caloric intake is based on losing 1-2lbs a week, at times you won’t lose that much even if everything is on target.   When fat loss occurs, water retention also occurs. When a fat cell empties its triglyceride (fat) water will enter [...]

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How Much Weight Can I Lose In a Week?

How Much Weight Can I Lose In a Week? A lot. Sometimes up to 10 to 15 lbs. However, this is not all going to be fat. A lot of it will be glycogen (stored form of glucose or carbohydrates) and water. The general accepted rule is that if you lose more than 2 lbs [...]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Lose Fat NOW!

1) You will become more attractive. I don’t have to spend much time explaining this one. People are attracted to those in shape. 2)You will become healthier Being overweight puts you at greater risk for almost any disease. Drop the fork and lose the fat. 3) Your Joints will hurt less Suffering from low back [...]

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What Motivates You?

What Motivates You? In an interview, I was asked the question, “What motivates you?”  I got a puzzled look from the interviewer when I responded, “I do”.  There are a lot of people and causes that extrinsically motivate me, but ultimately I am responsible for getting my butt off the couch.  Intrinsic (self) motivation is [...]

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Carb Cycling for Accelerated Fat Loss

THE CONCEPT   The premise of the diet is a very simple one: high carb day moderate carb day low carb day Ideally you want to have the high carb days on the days you train your lagging body parts, and the no carb days on your “off days” or you can perform cardio to [...]

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Reasons Why You Stuggle With Your Weight

Losing fat can be a difficult process process, but often it comes down to the things you are eating that hinders your process. Below are 5 simple reasons that may be preventing you from losing fat.   1)    You eat a high sugar, low protein breakfast We are told that breakfast is the most important [...]

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Who Should Be Training Our Kids?

In a staff meeting at Phenomenal Fitness, Sean, the lead trainer, asked all the trainers if there are populations of clients that each of the trainers prefer not to work with.  Another trainer, Galen, raised his hand and answered that he doesn’t want to work with kids.  Following the meeting, I asked Galen to make [...]

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100 lbs Lost, Can It Be True?

I began working with Lisa around February of 2011. Unsatisfied with the way she looked, and unsatisfied with the way she felt, she did what most people never do. She decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, not lament and ponder how things would change if she would be skinny, how nice it would be and [...]

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Many of You Wont Succeed

Why? Because when the going gets tough you quit. Working out isn’t supposed to be easy and it isn’t always fun. If it was everyone would look good. When something isn’t as easy as turning on the TV, “you’re too busy” to get your workout in. Why aren’t you seeing the results you expect to [...]

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